SuperHero 235 dog disc /frisbee review

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SuperHero 235 dog disc /frisbee review

Postby DiscDogSport » Wed Mar 24, 2021 2:46 pm

SuperHero 235 by Hero Discs USA
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Size: 235mm Weight: 140(±)2gr USA: 9,25in; 5,0oz
Type: Durable (Innova Candy plastic (transparent))
Best for: medium to large breeds (40+cm in shoulder) with medium to hard bite
Similar: SuperStar (Taffy plastic (non-transparent); Swirl (dye colors of SuperHero and SuperStar discs; SuperAero (light version)
Manufacturer link:
Colors: 7

What's to Like? Universal use (Toss&Fetch, Distance and even freestyle for some), wildly available disc. Easy to throw. Quit stable (with a pinch of Overstability). Will last at least a year if you dont have a super hard biting dog or dont play Tug-a-war with it or purposely allow the dog to chew it. Sustains its rim shape for long time and does not deform easily in general.
What's NOT to Like? punctures maybe occur a bit more than in other top end discs.

Additional images:
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