Durable discs

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Durable discs

Postby admin » Thu Jan 09, 2020 8:05 pm

Discs are divided in 2 main categories: light plastics and durable ones. The second ones are a bit more heavy and do last much much longer then the pure plastic ones.
They are quit puncture resistant and wear down much mush slower.

List of known durable disc manufacturers:
Hero - www.herodiscusa.com (USA)
Hyperflite - www.hyperflite.com (USA)
K9discs - www.k9discstore.com (Belgium)
Frisbeescape - www.frisbeescape.com (Italy)
Latitude - www.latitude64.se (Sweden)
Yikun - www.yikunsports.com (China)
Discrockers - www.discrockers.com (Germany)
Eurodisc - www.eurodisc.biz (Germany)
Wham-o - www.wham-o.com (USA)
Trixie - www.trixie.de (Germany)
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