ANSUZ team

ANSUZ team

Postby eldberg » Sun May 05, 2019 5:01 pm

We are team "Ansuz Runes" from club "Zemu lidojoši suņi" (Low flying dogs).
The team (2018-2019) consists Wunjo (F, 2013) and Berkan (M, 2016) Australian shepherds.
Team (2020-2021) Berkans and Jera (2020)
Team 2022+ Berkans, Jera and Fehu (2021)
DiscDog sport is our activity of choice and we love it.
Here you will be able to read all about our training and results at the events.
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Re: Ansuz Runes team

Postby eldberg » Sun May 05, 2019 7:31 pm

Our first event of the 2019 was in Lithuania, Kaunas - CrazyFOX Cup 2019, that is the first qualifying event for Dog Frisbee Baltic Series
Of course we were to start with both of our dogs - Wunjo and Berkan.
We had started practice in late March and we actualy were in quit good shape. Open (Toss and Fecth) was the priority at training, but we also did some Bullseye and Distance training. Last year was total fail, as Wunjo scraped some points, but Berkan refused to play at all... but that was in past.
Since it was expected to be a rainy day I was to go alone (family was left home), so I invited Dagnija from our club "Zemu lidojoši suņi" to go together. Because of different circumstances, we were the only Latvian representatives at the event.
Travel was easy as Aussies are friendly in general.

We arrived at some 11:15 and helped with field setup, dogs got their walk, set up tent, all the usual. Tested the field so the dogs know the enviroment.
Started some 10 min past 12:00 with Progress class (1/2 Toss & Fetch field) for beginers. I as usual was co-counting points.
The event had a lot of participants (for our region). SInce we can not participate any more in Progress... we were getting ready for the Open class.
It was wind! But for the start of the class it calmed down. We went first. Wunjo opened with 22 points. 5/6 catches. Cant complain.
Berkan went second and scored 18, could have done 5 catches, but... ok - 4 is ok.
Round two... well... that was a diffrenet story. Wunjo missed the first ... than 5... then missed next 4. yes, missed. Throws were perfect... got 4 at the last attempt... 9 points... could have been easy 44+. I screemed in silence. A lot :D
Berkan did better... 5 0 5 0 0 4.5... also just missed... still is not experianced enough to judge the moment when to jump after the disc. But he now can do stable 6 runs an that counts! At the end it laned them 4th and 5th place, Berkan beeing in front.

Bullsey next. We cant get past 30 points at events. At home we have done even 50+ runs. Wunjo messed up the drops... I did a lot fo running... ened up with 22. 11 throws... should have been at least 13-14... but ok :)
Berkan did better... also only 11 throws, but 8 catches and 2nd place. Yes, 32 landed us on podium (it was a bit windy).

Then came the distance. New format. Everyone gets 4 throws. Top 6 go to playoffs. Top 2 in semis, rest in quarter finals.
Wunjo did 62,5 and was 1st, Berkan did 55,3 on first attempt and I risked that it will be enough for playoffs and saved him the next runs. He got 2nd. So also streight in semis. Wunjo got to play the semis against Marius and Lucky, Berkan against Aldas and Sam.
Wunjo was up first, we were throwing on 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 basis. Lucky got 0, we too. then 53.8 against our 0, then 0 an dour last throw... all or nothing. 57! Wunjo is in finals.
Berkan managed to score 0-0-0... all of the shotw were over 50-55m... but we messed up. So that landed him 4th place... thats playoffs..
Final was against Aldas and Sam. 0-0, 0-0, 0-0... we were going at it all. Actualy at last shot since I was 2nd to throw, i tried a 10m throw, but Wunjo kicked the disc...
Sudden death throw off. Aldas again scored 0... we went for a normal throw of about 40m, and Wunjo got it at 37. Win for us. Was that exciting? YES! YES IT WAS!
All scores in the link above.
Dagnija managed to score 2nd place at distance... it was a game of survival as all of the ladies throwed quit chaotic to say at best :)

Overall? Great but with a pinch of frustraction of our performance. In stead of 2 podiums it could have been 4-5... but, motivates us to work more. A lot of new faces and noses, that showed promising results and were in front us of. Keep going!

Next month - The very first Estonian Dog Frisbee championships!

See pictures from the event here:

p.s. for close (up to some 25m)...
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Re: Ansuz Runes team

Postby eldberg » Mon Jun 17, 2019 11:32 am

Estonian Dog frisbee Championship 2019 now has pased in history and goes down in history as one of Baltics best battles ever if not the best for the overall title!

Points are counted from 3 distciplines: Open, Distance and Bullseye. Open and Distance as classic events give you more points. (standings for event here: )

We started with Open as always. Wind Wind and more strong Wind...
After round one Berkan was in front, followed by Wunjo and Barsas, not so far was Jete, Lucky, Merfis and Baylee

Second round... Well, Berkan fu__ up his attempt, local Salli understood how to pick up points, and did ok, Merfis did ok, Lucky imporved... Wunjo managed to not catch the last disc, so did Jete... both could have won the Open class, but Romualdas did the best and with solid effort Barsas won the class. Wind did not allow for great scores.

Bullseye - Merfis scored 40, Barsas also did ok, Karlis and Jete again let the win out of their hands (no catch in last 3 throws),now it was Wunjo turn to f___ up, Berkan also did not great, Vitalija and Baylee and Marius could have done better.
I actualy did not know who won till latter, so as we did not pick up any points in Bullseye for overall standings I knew that Overall title was now more for someone to lose than for us to win, since we were not in the drivers seat to say...

In retrospective, standings at that moment (that no one knew, including me)
Romualdas Urnežas and Barsas: 13+5 = 18
Kārlis and Jete = 8+4 = 12
Romualdas and Merfis = 3+8 = 11
Girts and Wunjo = 10+0 = 10
Marius Mincė and Lucky = 6+3 = 9

Distance... o boy... for us... Berkan could have gone straight in the semis, but he managed to miss the 55m catches.... and was left on 0. I had all ready set a training season with Vladislava Akimova, now we need it more than ever. Berkan was out of contention...
All of the top 5 at that moment were in 1/4 finals of mens distance, so it was still anyones game.
Merfis had to play 1/4 final against Lucky who set a good result of 50+m... and lost... so, Merfis was also now out.
Barsas was in semis, where he had to battle against Karlis and Jete. 3x 0 meant he was left to be in 4th place... That would have given them enough poitns to win if not a result 40cm short of 55m, as in that case you lose 2 points... so they had to wait for the outcome of the final.
Wunjo against Lucky was a repeat of LT Crazy Fox semis - against Lucky. Wunjo was with 2 no catches and Lucky had a very decent 50+m throw. She pulled out the last disc with 56+m... so it was Wunjo in finals against Jete, who started with 55m, Wunjo replied with 0, Jete did not improve with 51+, but Wunjo is still on 0. Last one for Jete is 0, but they still have 55m! Last chance... all or nothing... well I cant say 2nd place will be nothing, but... thats how it feels if you are lef with 0. We waited a bit for the wind to calm down.The disc went with decent altitude and speed, but was on verge to be a fast dropping one. Wunjo had hers speed and saved my nerves. She got it! 59+. I had said some terrible things before the throw in my mind... but at that moment I hust screemed. YES! We sat down on field to enjoy the moment. We had no idea how the points were to be rangeing, but we had done good on distance that was what mattered. If she had cought the last disc in Open (for what I had even given her 5second rest before throw) we surely would have won... now we had to go and calculate. Well, we had to calculate anyway, since i do the scrores :D

Overall: Wunjo 25 points, Jete 24 and Barsas 24.

Barsas missed out by 40cm, Lucky was one throw away in case Wunjo failed, Jete did not grab the last Open disc,Wunjo left it for the last effort...
Its now 5-6 dogs that now can win the whole event.
And 3-4 that are very close. This is getting interesting now :)

Maybe it was the cup that looked that nice. Ye, it definatly was! Thank you Marge Perri! Wunjo collectin is now full, she is the first to score all 3 Baltic titles: Latvia 2018, Lithuania 2018 and now Estonia 2019. Baltic champion? No, these are not shows, current #AnsuzCup holder is Jete and we need to do better than anyone at the last event to be best in Baltics!
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Re: Ansuz Runes team

Postby eldberg » Tue Aug 06, 2019 10:47 am

Our trip to Russia Dog Frisbee Championship 2019 - Part 1

Initially I had a plan to visit 3 RUS Cup events, the last being the RUS CH... but life makes changes, and RUS legislation too. Berkan had rabies vaccination for 3 years... but that was not legal in RUSSIA... so... we skipped the cup events.

We had arranged someone to look after our house and kids and the plan was to go to RUS on Friday, early in the morning, but the first problem struck allready on Thursday... while showing our babysitter how to feed the dogs I did not close the food bucket lid strong enough... Wunjo took full advantage of that... in the next 36h till the event she did the No2 like 9 times... But thats not all.
When we arrived at the border, it was some 30 cars in front of us... LV side had reconstruction works and RUS was just inspecting everything carefully... in total we spent 5h... that was annoying. There is real difference between LV-RUS border and EST-RUS... the last one works much better! We were suggested to use other crossing when we come back... suggested... When arriving at Moscow, we hit the KAD traffic jam... it was all ready 23:00.... 4-6 full lines... nice. Arrived at the hotel at 23.30. I am now not sure if we got ripped or not... was showing that the price for 2 nights in total is 60, turned out its 120 EUR. I checked again... when the site shows price for 2 days it shows the amount in total... so... anyone can comment?
Basically went to sleep to get up early... well at 8.00 since I wanted to see how Bullseye is played in RUS and Wunjo had to do more No2 before hers starts... Event was supposed to start at 9.00, it started at 9.40+... Of course nothing bad happened because of that, but I like order. Did some practice shots, was doing ok. I was not expecting much from the Open (SPTF). Wunjo on the first round scored 3 catches (2 were out of bounds, so we scored 1)... apparently there is difference in the rules we use... my bad. Does not matter 5 or 13 points, since with that score we were way of top 6 on what we could have counted if we had at least 20. Berkan actually did better and scored some 13ish points (not sure how many). Then there was a break of almost 4h, since novice classes were played (in total about 150 teams were entered for 2 days). I can say that I did not do the best throws for Wunjo. It was better for Berkan, but ye... not my best performance too... Round two... we did better with Wunjo... but she still missed some shots. Again sot sure how much we scored, but it was 4 catches, and she missed the last one. Darn. Berkan was doing ok (I missed the first one), and if he had grabbed the last one, we would have had a really nice round 2. He had very nice jumps, people liked his style. AFter the Open, we quickly did some Distance practice shots.. and the field has a nice energy as to say... I was throwing 65+m. Was nice. So... Stay tooned for part 2 (and maybe 3)

A, ye… I was filming… try to find out of you got caught in the video too:
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Re: Ansuz Runes team

Postby eldberg » Thu Aug 15, 2019 4:28 pm

Before day two, day one was ended with my birthday celebrations. Cheers to my wife Sandra and Pavel and Tatiana. Nice burgers, Red Square and nightly Moscow.

Day two... did not start as good as it could as I got stuck in the hotel elevator... at least the dogs were not in it, since the alarm also was going in full and it was ripping my ears...

Got to the field, tried some distance shots with out dogs (since no dogs on the field). It was going great actually. Got way past 75m. Sergey Gurov was throwing at the same time. He got only like 5m further +/-. Some were closer... I was feeling really great. I know Wunjo is able to run 70+, and the training shots all were straight...
Helped with the women event judging a bit and it was mens turn. It was actually only 6 of us, since 3 entries did not show up. Well, who cares, we are here and we are ready. I guess I was 2nd to go with Wunjo... I usually go first with Berkan, but a draw is a draw. The guy before me made 3 no scores... that were followed by 3 no scores by me... Wunjo did hers job, but the first 2 were just going right and the dog had no chance to catch, the third was to the left and I cant blame Wunjo for that one either. They were 60+, but... my fail... Russian system consists of 3+1 shots, so we had at least one more chance. Next was Gurov with his second dog... he did 80ish, the next one did some 50+, and it was Berkan turn... We did 55ish... and I had to shout at him at the last shot a bit so he would not go for the WC break...
Last chance... I did a shot that Wunjo could not get again... I was not nervous, but I just wanted to do a 60+ throw... I overdid with the shot... I actualy remember going a bit blank for the shot, like not coordinating it correctly. Just mechanically doing the shot and that is it... it was 60+, but it was just a bad throw... so... Wunjo was left with out a medal. Gurov improved to 80+ with his second dog, so Berkan was now in 3rd or 4th place. Others did not improve... and Berkan refused to run after the last throw...
After a bit of wait, we got the 3rd place by 1 meter. We went for a medal, we got it, but not in the style as we wanted. Especially when you for once feel that you are close to one of the European leaders... medal is not a fail, but the execution from my side was a fail.

Overall I am very glad hat we visited the event. I know that we are in top3 in Baltics, but our neighbors are just a level up. Even with our PB in Open, we would had been only in top6. With Ansuz best of 45.5 we would have been in medals, but that is history, I have not trained a new 45+ dog. We are where we are. So... we need to improve. A lot. That means just more practice. Lots of it. We can throw 70m, but not or regular basis... if we are to beat those who are better, we need to throw 75 and then we have a chance at a 70+m game.
Overall I can give Wunjo a score of 6, Berkan a score of 7 and myself something in between 4-5 out of 10 for this championship. This time I was the weak link :)

For others - go to events, backyard training scores is one thing, competitions are the only place to see how to improve your game. I saw a lot of new things regarding the throw technique, new info on discs and some other small but valuable tricks.
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Re: Ansuz Runes team

Postby eldberg » Wed Sep 04, 2019 6:23 pm

USDDN European Championship 2019

It was 2018, when I knew, that Italy probably will be to far to go for the European Championships for Disc Dogs in 2019. We did not follow the registration, we missed the (first) deadlines. Then I was invited to be the judge for the Quadruped (Distance). That changed it all. We were going, the whole family.
Our family has 5 dogs, but 2 are in the age of active sports carrier. Wunjo and Berkan. Wunjo is almost 6 year old Australian Shepherd female that is (now its 6) a 7 run SPTF dog, but has never been a stable catcher. Its either her day or not. We have won various Baltic championship events, but the results jump up and down. Berkan on the other hand is precise but rather slow. Sometimes we get 6 throws, sometimes it 5 or even 4…
We had a good Latvian championship 2019, then we failed at Russian Championship (like totally, including my fault) and then we failed the Lithuanian SPTF event… in drawback, Wunjo was 3rd (split) after round one of SPTF at the Euro 2016 (further drawback – Ansuz was 1st). We ended that event in 64th and 5th place… A total fail by Wunjo and my inexperience at that time that costing us a better score Ansuz in round 2… Ansuz passed away at the age of 5 that year, with out a chance to return. That was “eating” me alive till now… That dog was all to me.

Before the event most were (locals) saying that we have to go for a medal… how? Wunjo PB is 42,5 points and that was last year… She is fast but not super precise. One work colleague said that I will not know my chances till I will be there...

We set out on Monday and drove till Czech Republic, where we spent the night an Ansuz father Casanova and Berkan mothers house. We had a chance to meet the dogs in early morning. When you see a reflection of what you have had (Casanova), its emotional. That dog himself is a legend. Getting old, but what a dog! Thank you Ivana!
We drove till our Bed&Breakfast till the end of Tuesday. Had a trip to the Bologna city center on Wednesday, prepared for Quadruped on Thursday and saw the SPTF field also.
I will not get to much in the details of the Quadruped, just will mention that our good Lithuanian neighbor friend Marius and Lucky got 12th place in mens division with a personal best with 110gr disc and additionally I would like to thank Krisztián Bencze for trying to help to improve the event! Thank you!

Before that (Quadruped) it was the opening ceremony. Being in the field with Latvian flag and just being back… and my wife also marching along... just held it together. Thank you Maria Chiara Pizzi (Charlie) for making it possible!

Our starts were scheduled for Friday (Round 1) after the lunch break in SPTF. It was all ready planed that Sandra will get them from the hotel “fresh” (air conditioned rooms), we will just walk them and let sit in the cooling vests. Wunjo was the first to go and Berkan to follow in 5-7 players. Marius had allready played, but the video on his phone was damaged so we only knew that all discs were cought and he was in the range of 20 points. So… Wunjo turn. She is let knows what treats will follow after her round. She accepts the challenge :) I still dont know how, but I was ok with what ever result we will have. Yes, I hoped that we will score the personal best, but I had prepared for the usual. If it will be a fail, it will be ok. So… We go to the line, and I send out the dog to soon, judges are not ready. My bad. That does not affect anything since she just runed 3m. We get the green, waited a bit and go. See it for your self:

First throw to the right, but she does not catch it… in my mind – well, we have 5 more, but it will be a miracle if we do it…
For the rest of throws I did not know the scores… I thought they all are in 4 point zone...
Second – center no jump
Third – to the left but with a jump
Forth – center… no idea about the jump at that time, but I knew that I had scored at least one 5 afterwards
Fifth – center, again not sure about the jump
it was 11 or seconds before the last throw, so I gave her 5 second rest and sent out for the last one…
Sixth – jump, just out of center…
Of course I was happy, she did get 5 scored catches. Did not care how much points. It was 5 catches. When I counted from the video I thought its about 21,5-22,5 (I was not sure if any are in center and with a jump and one looked to be in 3 point zone). I was just with huge expectations. It should be enough for the Top70.
Now it was Berkan turn. Video got crashed and I cant remember the throws perfectly. I know that he could have speeded up a bit more for the first throw as he did not get it just just. We scored 4+ in second… failed the 3rd… and got 2 more catches at 4ish zone. At the end it was 11 points. Its not his PB, but he did run for all the discs in new environment and that was a positive since he had refused to do so this season. Its not easy to start with 2 dogs, since not all 100% of you attention go to one… He and me are still to learn to get a better score. But we will get to the 40+. We will do it :)

Now it was the wait… since results were released only on Saturday… it was an off day for dogs on Saturday (we took them to the stadium, kept them cool and hydrated). Besides the Quadruped I went and saw a bit of the Freestyle. Saw how some dogs give their all just to try to get the disc… that was a kickback to 2016… still held it together.

We stayed in the same hotel as Pat Nadarajah. What a positive person! Chatted about dogs and Discdogs (of course) and other things (less). At one point it was a talk about judges… and I said I have no license… and she was like, I can give you a test! Well, I did the test and so did Marius. We passed. Pat said its easy, but still, you have to pass :) So now officially I can be a SPTF judge. That is nice! But that was Friday… we are talking about Saturday. Results were released before the treasure hunt game… or after… honestly I dont remember as we had a blast playing that game.
Wunjo was in split 7-11 place with 23 points. Thats more then I had expected. Marius was 38th with 20 and Berkans had scored 11 points and was way of his PB and not in the finals.
We were in FINALS. As I had posted in the FB – with a fighting chance.

Looked at the schedule, we were supposed to start at 13.30, so we got the dogs by the same plan to the field as before…. Only to find out that the start has shifted by 1+h… well…. What can you do. Cool the dogs and wait. What I had learned from 2016 is that it will be what it will be…. There is no point to plan the throws as it just will not work. Yes, remember not to overstep the line and do a decent first throw. That all. I had done a couple goes (2-3 discs at the time) and that it. Someone was throwing practice throws all day… There is no point to plan how many points you need or count other points. I had been to worked up in 2016… and I lost then. I had no expectations except hoping for PB.

Anyway, it was our go… we went and throwed.

Wunjo did not take the first disc again… knowing we have 5 more throws only… that puts pressure… but somehow I was chill and said to myself, that we can repeat the the round one. All she has to do is get the discs, as I put all 6 in the 5point zone. She jumped for 2. Again, I did not know the score. Marius was more excited then me. I went on to film other participants and did not look at the video. I was happy as I believed that we will be in top10. I knew that Michaela Andrová has won as I did not see anyone do better. I remember how Sergey Gurov from 10th got a medal in 2016, but I did not see that for me and Wunjo. In 2016 I asked for advice what to do in the finals, and when he got to know I have 1 and 3rd result he said its over. He did not mean anything bad, but he was true. This time he gave me advice just to get 24,5 points for the win. That was almost true. I believe when he said on Russian championships that we are capable to get more than our failed score… he meant it. That was a positive boost then. To round it up… we had scored a PB… probably 45+points, but its always that close that you cant predict anything. I chose to believ only in top10. I did try to keep the dog cool in case of throw off (Golden disc). I understood that its a playoff for 2-3 place, 5-7 and 8-9… thats what I understood. Since I was not called out, I still thought that cool – its top 10. A little chance of 4th was always in my mind, but…

After the second round I went for a walk alone and I lost it. The pressure of 2,5 years was off (self inflicted)… I broke down. I cried… that we could do it and that he is gone. Wunjo had taken the legacy and was back herself in the top. I can provide the throws, but the dogs have to do the catches. Together we once had done it. With confidence. Maybe the first time ever with her. With doubts but we had done it. I still filmed all the top 20 freestyle and then the wait again.
For the awards I sat next to Pat and she asked me if I had ever been a qualifier… I said yes, in 2016… no she said, have I done this year, since she put me down as one. At that moment I thought cool, that confirms the top10 (8 with all the alternates)… I believed a bit more in the top4. I said that I never much believed in that we can score what we did… she said that I trusted the dog and it did not let me down. She smiled. I still did not know.
The judges were called out and thanked for work and all were given a framed picture of ourselfs… mine was with Ansuz… I kept it together again not to break down.

So they announced the SPTF Qualifyer results… the podium… 3rd Yachi Hirai, to whom out of respect I had shaken the hand after his second round… and then we are called…. I did not understand, but then it hit me. We had done enough for 2nd! Me and WUNJO. WUNJO! After the podium I did lose it once more… Maybe the last time, maybe not. Anyway, our dogs were back in top. I do not care that we did not won, we did our PB and got a medal at World largest event!
Wunjo, Wunjo!

p.s. I would like to thank a lot of people for making this possible! My wife Sandra at first! Kids, who managed the 24+24h car ride. My father for looking after the house and our old dogs, Marius for being a great great Baltic teammate and friend, my workplace for supporting me and many many many other possitive people of the event with Charlie as the main one! And Katri for trusting us with Wunjo the years back. I said she will be a frisbee dog!
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Re: Ansuz Runes team

Postby eldberg » Tue Aug 03, 2021 10:17 am

2nd round of Dog Frisbee Baltic Series (DFBS) - Alytas Taure.

It was a 4+h drive, but again we were able to travel together with team mate Dagnija and Arlekins, so at least the road was more fun and full of talk about frisbee. It was a brand new event as it was organized by DFBS veteran Romualdas, but by his new club Sielų Šunys and in cooperation club Cerberis.
We arrived at 11:00, helped set up the field, set up our tent in shadow, walked the dogs, just normal preparation.
I was to start with Jera in Division 1 and Berkan in Pro. All was going quit good. Dogs seamed to be in the mood.
It was Jeras turn first to do SPTF. She brought back all of the 6 discs, we did not score much points, but she was willing to work the whole time and that was it what we needed. A better run then at the first event. Then it was Berkans turn. All good till he started to run. He immediately took a detour to left and not in a great speed. He had never done something like that. He misjudged the disc i guess... I dont know. We ended up not catching the first 4 discs, he was walking back (he has no trauma), we managed to have only one catch. Again, IDK what happened. It was a letdown to all of our training at home and in public parks. He works there...
Marius still insists that I throw to high and that the trajectory is not for Berkans, but it works at training and home...
Dagnija had done a reasonable round if not 2 shots that were to low, Linda did nicely with 18 points and our student first time started Beatrise did quit cautious throws and scored vital experience.
I was really really frustrated round one.
I decided to do the unthinkable for me - for a medal winning dog throw close shots of 18m not 36m. That was as good as just shooting me in the foot. It worked beter, we scored some points, but that did not end my frustration.
Jera continued to work ok, she stepped on a cone in first throw and started to return avoiding the place as she did not know who "bite" her... Dagnija did better throws, but Arlekins messed up some catches, Linda scored reasonably to secure 2nd place. Beatrise throw with a bit more confidence, but still it all was for experience and you can gain that only by participating! On average the scores were quit low, as it was windy and the direction of the wind was changing by seconds.

For Bullseye we were again a bit more optimistic, as at training we do 40-48 point rounds. But Berkans managed to miss a disc, I throw one disc incorectly and we ended up with 28points... its not a score for us we are proud. Jera did not so good as she was not interested in the throws, but again, better then the first event, so thats good.
Linda and Dagnija messed up their scores. Just 3 days before at practice Linda scored 44 points. Whole gameplan was messed up. It happens :)

Since last time even after good round of BE, Berkan did not want to work in Distance, I "shopped" around and found a different partner for distance. I guess everyone knows, that I like Malinua and one day I will have a Malinua... Anyway, I got a chance to play with Bestas (Ara, I know I cheated, but again, you did not come to the event). Why I decided to have 2 entries in Distance? Because at practice rounds (with out dogs) I was throwing at 70m... Thats the same Roman. (I have a back injury, that probably is permanent (but managable), and at first event i was hardly moving, but i was quit ok at this event).
As expected, Berkan did basically a no run... Jera had done hers runs in Distance, again, that is just good that she run. We are making progress and that is the thing that counts.
Bestas - we had done 2 practice throws, that dog is fast! We had no experience to work together. Its a Malinua, so basically he dos not give the discs back easily. But he knows how to do a run up in the field. And that make a difference as I have a clear field in front of me for the throws. In qualification we got above 63m, but lost to Marius (and funny also not his dog) by 30cm, in Semis we managed to outthrow Romualdas and Barsas and it was an expected good battle for the win against Marius, who outscored Aldas and Sam in their semi. Marius started with 57, to what we answered with 52m, that was followed by 59 by Marius and our answer of 61. They did not score in last thow, so the judge was shouting that we had won and dont need the last throw, but we needed it . In semis we almost scored beyond 70m. That was mine goal. Well, this time we ended up with 63,7m that is a top10 DFBS score. Thank you again Gintarė Urbonavičiūtė for the opportunity.

I do play for the fun of it, but I also train enough to have a chance to fight for top3. We are not giving up, we will rethink what we can and we will be back with Berkans and Jera. Just 24h later we were picking up my son from a summer camp and it was a 2h drive. Berkans was taken with me. On the halfway back we stopped at a unknown place and this happened: Yes, he works if he likes... I guess he has some Simone Biles syndrome :( Will see...

Huge thank you to Alexandra Bykovskaya for helping out with the judging at the event and the whole Sielų Šunys and Cerberis for a good good event!

See you all at 14.08 at DinoZoo Cup:

p.s. HYZER dear friends, HYZER! USE HYZER. That is release your disc under angle to the left not to the right. It makes a huge difference.
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Re: Ansuz Runes team

Postby eldberg » Mon Dec 20, 2021 12:45 pm

Crazy Kaledos Cup 2021

Season was officially over, but CrazyFox club in Lithuania and Marius particularly decided to do one more indoor event. We had never played indoors. And the event was full of new disciplines we have never played. Heck, we would have gone to the event anyways :)
Overall, it was planed to play: Bullseye, Throw&go, TimeWarp (L1+L2), Frizgility, Greedy and TimeTrial.
Since we have not done Frazility, we went to some practice before. 3x in total. Berkans was ready to do tunnels, Jera was not ready, so our Agility coach Jekaterina Akimova recommended her not to start in Frizgility. Listen to your trainers!

We had planed to go the whole family, but do to Covid 3rd jabs and other things, plans changed and we went together with Jelizaveta (Liza) Akimova and Voit and my son - cameraman - Gustavs.

Went to the hall - checked it out - Nice place! Have to find one in Latvia to do indoor events too.
Showed the dogs the field, they liked it. We had a joke that it must be the horse smell in the air that sets their mode.

Started with Throw&go by UpDog rules (Level1). Compared to USDDN SPTF, this discipline counts all scores within 1 minute, so speed is the main thing. We are not the fastest. But Berkans Ddid 5 throws at Sweetspot (all catches), Jera did the same and bonus points for returning in time. Turned out we got 2nd and 3rd place. Precision over Speed. Still, not a fan of this discipline, since it prioritizes speed over precision. Liza did a bit more throws, but Voit overshot some and they ended up lover in ranks. Overall, the dogs workend with enthusiasm and that was possitive
Berkan: No video (but 5 nice catches)

Next was Bullseye. Berkan was first to play from our dogs and we went out there and smashed it! 12 jumsps 12 catches - bam: 48points - a personal best. At home we have done 13, but this was the result I longed all season long, knowing what he can do. Its 3rd best result in Baltic ever. Liza and Voit did 40points (2 more throws then us), that in any day would be a podium, but was just 6th, as many were scoring great. Jera did 38 points with 13 runs, that also is hers personal best. NICE. After the discipline I all ready said our day is done (fullfiled), as they were working and i was over the Moon or something.

Time for TimeWarp (UpDog). We had played this once, so we had an idea what has to be done. Berkans did drop a disc (50/50 maybe the throw was not the best), but we scored over 50 to enter level 2 and Jera did even better, actualy she set the best score in Level (round) 1: 69 points. Almost flawless! Voit just refused to take disc no4, so they lost the time and possibility to advance to level2.
Level 1:
Those who get 50+ points play for medals and both of mine advanced. Against Marius& Lucky and and Austeja&Delta, who can throw repeated discs with out the dog fully returning to start line (that is the best strategy in this game). Berkans was a bit behind to get a podium place, but still with a chance.
For comparison:
Level 2:
Berkans did what he can do - got perfect catches and scored what he can. Just look at the jumps! Jera actually coughed (yes) hers win away as she dropped the disc 2m from finish and we lost some time till e got the disc over to stop the time (did not know that you can take it over the line yourself). Lost by 2 points (2 seconds), but we could have been at least 6 seconds faster. Building up experience!

Well, there was no expectations as we had done only two successful trial runs at training. There is a lot of work to be done. The video probably is full of mistakes :)
As for LIza - they took down the jump poles, so less points on run one, and a better job on Run two (3rd result), overall 6th place.

Greedy - something new something unknown for everyone. A cool strategy game. We had set up plans with Liza all ready before, time tested how long a run takes etc, but not tested it since - snow... So the exam was at an event.
I was first with Berkans, we only used 2 out of 8 allowed discs (since we return to start for each throw) and strategically put the rest in middle for the end bonus... When we got to zone 3, Berkans missed an easy layup, and we fell behind the time. We finished just in time, but I forgot that I have to keep him in the middle, and he was like a 1m out... we missed on 10 bonus points and podium as it turns out. Liza and Voit was doing great till also an unplanned miss, that put us behind schedule and not finishing in time, but getting bonus points for the strategy. They also would have deserved a podium... darn, miscalculated that one. With Jera I totally stepped away to fast from zone1, but we somewhat corrected that in zone 2 and finished with some seconds in spare. Turned out that we did better and a 3rd place.

TimeTrial or some know it as Speedrun.
In Qualification Berkans did his normal run - 2 easy catches, but not the fastest, just clean catches. 23seconds. 5th fastest for 1/4 finals. I did miss myself the first shot with Jera and she kind of did not like the field (maybe someone had done a WC break, dont know), and on second attempt again, we missed a shot (my mistake). So Jera was out. Voit was doing super speedy, but decided to drop a disc 1m before the line..., so he also did not advance. In 1/4 we were against the smallest (but one of the fastest) dogs. Berkan did not get the first throw (maybe a bit to fast, but maybe just his mistake), messed up the 2nd too and we lost. Still was ok.

Turns out, there was also an overall all discipline ranking and Berkans placed 2nd, Jera was 4th form 26 dogs entered. SUPER!
If you are interested in results:

Thats it! Had an afterparty(dinner) later (see social media posts). And our season is done. Felt like Xmas came early :)
Thank you Zemu Lidojoši suņi team mates for the season and all the training advice from Vladislava and Jekaterina Akimovas.
See you all next season!

Gustavs filling in for 2nd place in Throw&go with Jera, Austeja and Delta - the disciplien and overall winners and me and Berkans
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Re: Ansuz Runes team

Postby eldberg » Fri Feb 18, 2022 4:57 pm

I usually had set up goals for upcoming season, but did not do that in previous years. Well, lets do that for 2022!
Berkan - Break 40+ points in SPTF and 60meters in distance and do 48+ points in Bullseye outdoors. TimeWarp - 120 would be nice. Frizglity - 4 runs per round would be just great!
Jera - its hers first season playing in PRO class... so... well, 40+ in SPTF, 50+ in distance and 40+ in Bullseye. Timewarp 130 could be possible and Something in Frizgility.
In general not sure if Dog Frisbee Baltic Series overall win is possible, but we will try, we dont know other way!
European championships - score close to personal best what ever the score at that time will be (thats after 5 DFBS events)
World Championships - same goal as at Europe (Have to Qualify with Jera too).
Fehu - introduction to frisbee in a safe and fun way so that we are ready for 2023 season.
And finish the home field setup!
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Re: Ansuz Runes team

Postby eldberg » Mon Mar 14, 2022 1:37 pm

This project was long time in making. There will be more videos and technical explanation behind this "secret" technology, but firstly I would like to thank Igors Ļaksa and Vladimirs Petrovs and Transport and Telecommunications Institute for making this possible. A video from the POV of a disc (frisbee), when playing with a dog!
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