Hero cup rules

Hero cup rules

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Hero Cup Rules

Competition Format
The Hero Cup is a long-distance toss and catch competition where teams with the longest catches in “seeding rounds” qualify for spots in single-elimination “Hero Brackets” to compete for each division’s “Hero Cup” championship.
Each Hero Cup competition will offer two competitive divisions for both men and women:

For the Big Guns:
Men’s Pro Division (average throw over 70 yards)
Women’s Pro Division (average throw over 50 yards)
For the rest of us:
Men’s Open Division (average between 0 and 70 yards)
Women’s Open Division (average between 0 and 50 yards)

NOTE: For any division to be valid, it must have at least three individual competitors. In the event that a Men’s or Women’s division has less than 3 competitors, all competitors will play in a combined division.

For each division, a Hero Cup competition will include, in the following order:
Seeding Rounds (for first 7 bracket spots in all divisions)
“Go Big or Go Home” (GBOGH) crazy 8th Round (for last/8th bracket spot)
Hero Brackets (up to 8 spots per Hero Bracket)
Big 8 Round
Final Four Round
Hero Cup Champion Round

In the seeding rounds, competitors make 3 consecutive throws to their dog for a chance to qualify for their division’s single elimination Hero Bracket.
The team with the longest catch in their division’s seeding round will earn the #1 Seed, the second longest catch the #2 Seed, and so on down to the #7 Seed. The #8 Seed will remain empty.
Once they’ve approached the starting line, a competitor has up to 1 minute to make their first throw. Once the dog has returned from the previous throw and is back behind the throwing line, the competitor has up to 1 minute to make the next throw.
Competitors are allowed to play with 2 dogs but only the dog with the longest catch will advance to the single elimination Hero Bracket. Competitors will NOT determine which dog advances. The dog that does not make the cut is not eligible for the Go Big or Go Home Round.

All seeding round teams who fail to qualify for one of the top 7 Hero Bracket spots in their division will go to the Go Big or Go Home Round where they will get another 3 consecutive throws.
Each division winner of the Go Big or Go Home Round will be awarded the 8th Seed and final spot in their division’s Hero Bracket.


The Hero Bracket consists of an 8-person single elimination bracket for each division. The first 7 spots are filled by the 7 longest seeding throws that end in a catch. The 8th spot is filled by the longest catch of the Go Big or Go Home Round.
Once the bracket has been determined, single elimination play begins with:
The bracket matchups will be the #1 Seed vs. #8 Seed; #2 vs. #7; #3 vs. #6; #4 vs. #5.
If there are fewer than 8 teams in a bracket the top seeds will receive a bye into the second round.
The top seed in each matchup will get first choice on the throwing order. This applies for all rounds in the Hero Bracket.
Each competitor will get three throws in each matchup, with competitors alternating throws. A 1-minute time limit will be in effect for each throw.
The best of 3 throws to a dog ending in a successful catch will count as the longest throw.
The winner of each matchup, determined by the longest catch, will advance to the next round of their division’s Hero Bracket. Longest catch of each matchup moves on in the bracket until we have a champion.
In case of a tie each player will get 2 sudden death throw offs. Throws will alternate between players. A coin toss will determine who goes first.

The mark is made where the front feet of the dog touch the ground during the catch, or where the front feet touch upon landing if the catch is made "mid-air"
If the dog is in the air when it makes the catch, it must maintain control of the disc through the landing and the distance will be marked when the feet hit the ground.
Once the catch has been marked on the field, that distance will be measured from the center of the field perpendicular to the throwing line. There is no out of bounds.
The disc is live until it hits the ground.
A disc that is tipped and then caught will be measured to where it was finally caught. Tipped catches will count for the longest catch of the day but will not count as world records.

Free Start Run Outs
Run outs are allowed. There is no limit on how far a dog can run out as long as it maintains forward momentum until the disc is released.
Dogs cannot stop and face the handler before the throw is made. If the dog has passed the 20-yard line, stops, and looks back before the throw is made, it will be recorded as a no catch.
You may call your dog off of a throw and reset the dog as long as the dog has not passed the 20-yard line.

Approved Discs
The following discs are approved for use at The Hero Cup events:
Hero Air
Hero Atom
Hero Pup
Hero Sonic
Hero Super Aero
Hero Super Atom
Hero Super Hero (under 150g)
Hero Super Sonic
Hero Super Star (under 150g)
Hero Super Swirl (under 150g)
Hero Xtra
Dogstar Crusher
Dogstar DR
FrisbeEscape Addict
FrisbeEscape Raid
FrisbeEscape Rocket
FrisbeEscape Tenacious
Hyperflite Pup
Hyperflite Jawz
Hyperflite K-10 "Competition Standard"
Hyperflite K-10 CS Lite
Hyperflite Z-Disc (under 150g)
K9-Disc C-Class HBR
K9-Disc C-Class SDB
Latitude 64 Bite Puppy
Mamadisc Light
Mamadisc Medium
Mamadisc Standard and Mini, including:
The Latitude 64 Bite
Trixie "Dog Activity" discs
Wham-O Chomper
Wham-O Classic Flex
Wham-O Classic Super Flex
Wham-O Eurablend
Wham-O Fastback
Wham-O Flex
Wham-O Super Flex

1 dog/1 human team = $30
2nd dog (same human) = $50

Players choose the appropriate division for themselves when they register.
Pro Men’s - Average of over 70 yards (recommended).
Pro Women’s - Average of over 50 yards (recommended).
Open Men’s - Average between 0 and 70 yards (recommended).
Open Women’s - Average between 0 and 50 yards (recommended).

After 3 wins in the Open Division you will be required to move up to the Pro Division.

Throwing Lines

A thrower must throw between the 2 cones marked as the throwing line. The cones will be 5 yards apart and located in the middle of the field. Dogs may be set up anywhere behind and along the throwing line (does not have to be between cones).

Handler Helper
A thrower is allowed to have a handler hold their dog along the throwing line. Dogs must be held within 10 yards behind the throwing line.

Foot Fault
Throwers must be behind the throwing line when the disc is released. Once the disc is released they can cross the line. In the event of a foot fault, the throw will not count. No do-overs!

Field Setup
Field must be a minimum of 100 yards long by 30 yards wide. If space permits to have a wider field than 30 yards then please make field wider. The field will be painted with two sidelines and a centerline. The centerline will be painted with hash marks every yard but every ten yards a line will go from sideline to sideline.

Throwing Direction
Throwing direction is determined by a participant vote prior to each round. If there is a tie it will be broken by the Tournament Director.

Interference could come from a number of factors, including non-competing dogs running into the field, judges in the way of a catch, tents flying across the field, and immovable objects like bleachers, goal posts, etc. that are near the playing field and cannot be moved (but those will be announced during the players meeting).
Head Judge will discuss interference calls with other judges, but they have final call.
If interference is called, the competing team gets the option to re-throw.

Other general rules
Poor sportsmanship and aggressive dogs will not be tolerated and Head Judge can disqualify a team from remainder of event if necessary. If the infraction is serious enough, handler or dog may be suspended from competing at Hero Cup ever again or for specified timeframe as determined by Hero Cup officials after any reported incidents are reviewed.

Handlers will be expected to clean up after their dog(s) if a nature break occurs.

Weather delays - If field becomes unsafe due to heavy rain, nearby thunderstorms, etc. then Head Judge and hosting club can determine if competition will be delayed if necessary. If the delays have caused the event to lose daylight then Pro divisions will be given precedence to complete before Open divisions or brackets reduced to top 4 teams for each division so the competition can be completed and awards can be presented.

Head Judge reserves the right to modify competition format but only if absolutely necessary. Any rulings on the competition field will be final and not subject to any challenges.

All handlers (and/or legal guardian if under 18) will be required to sign and date a liability release form. Throwers (or legal guardians if under 18) must accept all responsibility for their own well-being, health, and safety plus that of the dog(s) being used while participating in a Hero Cup competition. The Hero Cup is a compete at your own risk event and Hero Disc USA, any Hero Cup representatives attending or hosting clubs will not be liable if any injuries to handlers or dogs competing or attending occur.

Female dogs in heat must be declared at players meeting and can compete as long as they wear dog diapers while competing and potty in designated area well away from competition field(s).

If large attendance is expected at any event, a second field may be used at the discretion of the Head Judge and hosting club if one is available and there is enough staff.

If a division has less than 8 teams with unique handlers but no less than 3 teams, this chart will show how to set up the brackets:

If 7 teams then 1 seed gets bye
If 6 teams then 1 and 2 seeds get byes
If 5 teams then 1, 2 and 3 seeds get byes
If 4 teams then 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3
If 3 teams then 1 seed gets bye and 2 vs 3

There is no minimum age that dogs must be to play.

To run an event we recommend 4 judges. 1 Foot Fault Judge, 2 Side Spotting Judges and the Head Judge. The Head Judge can also act as one of the side judges if needed.

* Rules are subject to change.

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