Dog Frisbee Baltic Series 2022

Dog Frisbee Baltic Series 2022

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Dog Frisbee Baltic Series 2022 - and

Dog Frisbee Baltic Series 2022 will consist of 6 events.
The program of each event varies, but all disciplines will be scored for #AnsuzCup
1) 14 of May - Lithuania 1 (SPTF, Distance, Bullseye and additionally TimeTrial)
2) 4 of June - DinoZoo Cup 2022 (Latvia) (SPTF, Bullseye, TimeWarp, Frizgility)
3) 9 of July - Estonian Open (SPTF, Distance, Bullseye, Frizgility)
4) 16 of July - Alytus, Lithuania (SPTF, Distance, TimeWarp, Frizgility + Bullseye (not part of DFBS in this event)) -
5) 6 of August - Latvian Open (SPTF, Distance, Bullseye, TimeWarp
6) 10-11 of September - Final - Lithuania (SPTF, Distance, TimeWarp, Frizgility + Day 2 activities!) -

Some of the events will be Qualifying events for USDDN World Championship in SPTF class that will take place in Poland, but you can visit European championship with out qualification.
x) 26-28 August - USDDN European Championship, Slovenia, Lenart (close to Maribor) -
x) 16-18 of September - USDDN World Finals 2022, Poland, Poznań, Park Cytadela (who has Qualified: )

Season regulations:
Historic results and ranking:
Rules for disciplines (play): (English/Latviešu/Lietuviškai/Eesti)
Score forms:
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