Dog Frisbee Baltic Series 2020

Dog Frisbee Baltic Series 2020

Postby admin » Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:46 am

Visit back for news regarding 2020. Series will likely have 5 events throw out the Spring/Summer/Autumn (May-September).
Best 3 results shall be counted for season standings!
Because of the Worldwide virus situation, the calendar probably will be final only by end of April...

Follow the info here:

11.07. - Latvian CH 2020
TBD - Lithuanian CH Part1
TBD - Estonian CH 2020
15.08. - DinoZoo cup 2020, Latvia
13.09. - Lithuanaian CH Part2

Historic results and ranking:
Regulations: (changes may follow)
PRO and D1 groups:
Rules for disciplines (play):
Score forms:
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