DFBS history


DFBS history

Postby DiscDogSport » Fri Jul 01, 2022 11:03 am

Dog Frisbee Baltic Series was negotiated at the end of 2017, between "Zemu lidojoši suņi" (ZLS, Latvia) and "CrazyFoxes" (CF, Lithuania) with the main involved persons: Romualdas Urnežas, Indrė Pašakinskaitė and Girts Eldmanis who proposed the #AnsuzCup. The logo was designed by Aistė Lapienytė. It was agreed that the first season will start in 2018 with 4 events: 2 in LV and 2 in LT. Second season saw the enlargement of series geography with an event hosted by “Tarkade Koerte Klubi” (Estonia) mainly organized by Marge Perri. Third season had to survive the pandemic, but it was managed by playing the events even simultaneously at two different locations. Forth season was enriched with event by “Sielų Šunys” (Lithuania) with the help of "Cerberis" (Lithuania). The fifth season sees a return of an Estonian event by "Rakvere Koeraspordi Klubi" (RKK, Estonia) with the main organizer Kristi Murel and "Cerberis'' continuing on. In 2023 the second Lithuanian club to organize the event will be "Neatpažinti Skraidantys Objektai" (N.S.O., Lithuania) with the main organizer Gijus Masiulis. In August 2023, N.S.O. was unanimously approved as permanent DFBS partner. Wind Dog (Latvia) will join as event organizer in 2024.

Official Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/DogFrisbeeBalticSeries
Site: DFBS

Point scoring:
2018 - points based on place earned (with additional bonus for good scores)
2019 - 4 qualifying events and a final decide it all event
2020 - 2024 - Combined aggregated score from disciplines (based on DFBS ranking formula)

Disciplines played
2018 - SPTF, Distance (Quadruped), Bullseye
2019 - SPTF, Distance (top 6 playoffs), Bullseye
2020 - SPTF, Distance (top 4 playoffs), Bullseye
2021 - SPTF, Distance (top 4 playoffs), Bullseye
2022 - SPTF, Distance (top 4 playoffs and others), Bullseye, TimeWarp, Frizgility
2023 - SPTF, Distance (top 4 playoffs and others), Bullseye.; TimeWarp, TimeTrial and Frizgility played as additional disciplines
2024 - SPTF, Distance (top 4 playoffs and others), Bullseye.; TimeWarp, TimeTrial played as additional disciplines

Season results
2018 https://tinyurl.com/dfbs2018results
2019 https://tinyurl.com/dfbs2019results
2020 https://tinyurl.com/dfbs2020results
2021 https://tinyurl.com/dfbs2021results
2022 https://tinyurl.com/dfbs2022results
2023 https://tinyurl.com/dfbs2023results
2024 https://tinyurl.com/dfbs2024results

Events per season
2018 - 4 (2 LV + 2 LT)
2019 - 5 (2 LV + 2 LT + 1 EE)
2020 - 4 (2 LV+ 2 LT)
2021 - 5 (2 LV + 3 LT)
2022 - 6 (2 LV + 3 LT + 1 EE)
2023 - 6 (2 LV + 3 LT + 1 EE)
2024 - 5 (planed: 2 LV + 2 LT + 1 EE)
Total: 30 (12 LV + 15 LT + 3 EE at end of 2023 season)

Different players earning at least one point for season standings
2018 - 45
2019 - 47
2020 - 58
2021 - 95
2022 - 95
2023 - 74
2024 - TBD

Filled criteria to be eligible for #AnsuzCup
2018 - 14
2019 - 21
2020 - 20
2021 - 27
2022 - 26
2023 - 26
2024 - TBD

Historic results and ranking:

DFBS events mostly are also part of Baltic country Open Championships
Latvia (9): https://tinyurl.com/LVDDCHresults
Lithuania (6): https://tinyurl.com/LTDDCHresults
Estonia (3): https://tinyurl.com/EEDDCHresults
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Re: DFBS history

Postby DiscDogSport » Mon Feb 06, 2023 11:42 am

DFBS generations:
Each sport, region, league and player goes throw phases but since our partner – the dog lifes are shorter, I would say generations.
At 2017 we agreed to start the Dog Frisbee Baltic Series in 2018. Those who had not played before then could be called series First generation, those who had - Pre-DFBS generation. And then of course there were some who overlapped.
Romualdas with Barsas & Merfis were the only Lithuanian pre-generation players, while from Latvia it was Kārlis Staņa & Jete and Girts Eldmanis & Wunjo. Such dogs as Ure (Eldmanis), Meni, Zuvs, Lyutik (Akimova/s) and Sirsniņš (Dombrovska) made little or no appearances in DFBS being the stars in the pre-DFBS era (mostly in Latvia). Some of them still are in Top10 SPTF Baltic state record lists, longest dating back from 2014, when Ure got 41,5 points. Only 15 dogs (end of 2022) have reached 40 point mark so far actually.
The overlapping generation managed some great results: Jete winning the 2018 season, Wunjo winning the 2019 and Romualdas and Barsas finishing 2nd in 2019, Merfis 4th in 2018 and the little superstar Vitara placing 3rd twice. They all share a lot of medals in between them! A lot! But their reign is mostly over. Sad? No, they have set their permanent mark for years to come.
Many have asked (and I myself have tried to do the same) how different the DFBS would be if Ansuz had still participated? Its an unanswerable question, as we will never know. He set some records that still are not equaled (like the average score for SPTF over a season: 45 points), so aim for the records. Be the legends yourselves.
The first generation will still do great for years to come: Marius and Lucky are on a roll, Hulu, Berkans, Sam, Delta, Yennefer who play in Pro and some remarkable dogs from D1 like Dzeusas, Arlekins, Luka, Baloo and others. There are some who have just started and are under radar, but are not mentioned, dont worry, their time will come!
We will never know what records that you have set for yourself have come true if you will not share your stories with us! Try your hand at writing. Tell us your journey of self improvement, having good times or something else!
Girts Eldmanis
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