Ansuz Cup

Ansuz Cup

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The Legend
Ansuz Versatile Runes was an inspirational red tricolor male Australian Shepherd who was an exceptional Disc Dog athlete in the early years of the sport in the Baltics, and in Latvia particularly. Together with his owner Girts Eldmanis, he won the first two Latvian championships (2015-2016) in overall classification and placed 5th at the European USDDN Championship 2016 in Super Pro Toss & Fetch class, out of more than 150 entries being the leader after round one. Ansuz passed away before next season could begin for a new chance…
Disc is the life! Those probably would have been the words said by Ansuz, if he could have talked. Disc Dog was his passion in life as he was always willing to give up anything just to play together with a member of his family. His fast pace and extraordinary jumps combined with precise catching inspired the spectators to cheer loudly and other players to join the sport we all love.
In his memory, a traveling silver cup bearing his name, "Ansuz Cup", shall be presented by the Eldmanis family to the overall winner of each year’s selected Disc Dog series. The cup is created to remind people of the joy of time spent competing together as one with our true friends.

The trophy
The trophy consists of an engraved silver cup and an oak trophy box with winner plates attached - together called the Ansuz Cup. The trophy is awarded to the winner of the nominated season series selected by Eldmanis family.

The cup (411gr, 875 silver) was aquired by Eldmanis family in 2018 (its prolonged history is not known) and was engraved in April of the same year. The box also was created and engraved in the same year. The plates are added after each years winner is known. It is said that the disc on the cup sometimes lights up in the dark and only the winners and very very observant people will be able to locate the true Ansuz rune on the cup.
Full Ansuz Cup Trophy gallery:

Historic winners
Year - Name, Surname - Dog ---- Breed -------------------Club, Country ----------------- Series
2018 - Kārlis Staņa ------ Jete ---- Bordercollie------------- Zemu lidojoši suņi, Latvia --- Dog Frisbe Baltic Series
2019 - Ģirts Eldmanis --- Wunjo - Australian Shephard --- Zemu lidojoši suņi, Latvia --- Dog Frisbe Baltic Series
2020 - Marius Mincė ----- Lucky -- Bordercollie ------------ CRAZYfoxes, Lithuania ------- Dog Frisbe Baltic Series

Who can win the Ansuz Cup?
Since 2018, the cup has been awarded to the Overall winner of the Dog Frisbee Baltic Series and the started cooperation is expected to be continued.
Win it in 2021: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=188

A video of Asnuz best performance at SPTF Round 1 at European USDDN Championships 2016:
24 points (5; 5; 4,5; 5; 4; 4,5)
List of Ansuz results:

Ansuz--------------------------------------------Ansuz and Girts
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